Defective Product Liability as a Form of Personal Injury Utah Residents Experience

Suppose you purchased a new light bulb. According to the label, the light bulb lasts for at least one year and can save you on your electricity costs. However, a month later, not only did your light bulb suddenly stop working, but your electric bill also increased! To address this, you could file a product liability lawsuit with the help of a personal injury attorney Utah residents trust, like Witt and Associates.

Types of Product Defects

Product defects fall under three categories: (1) design defect; (2) manufacturing defect; and (3) misrepresentation. An example of the first one is when the manufacturer mass produces a light bulb that explodes when it overheats; the product design is deemed defective from the beginning. In the second type, the manufacturer produces uniformly good quality light bulbs; you just happened to receive a defective unit which should not have passed the manufacturer’s quality control. The third type is the one cited in the previous paragraph.

The Time Limit in Utah for Filing a Product Liability Claim

The statute of limitations for filing a product liability case varies in every state. Using the light bulb example above, a personal injury lawyer Utah consumers can rely on would tell you to file within four years from the time you found out that the light bulb was defective. If your time limit under Utah law runs out, you can file in other states.

How to File a Defective Product Lawsuit

Because laws for product liability differ from typical injury laws, find a lawyer who’s experienced in such cases. Aside from the defective product itself, other items you can present in court include official receipts, medical bills (or electric bill, in the above case), and any correspondence with the manufacturer regarding the product. Read about product safety standards on the U.S. Product Safety Commission’s website.

Buyers Beware: Possible Complications in the Lawsuit

If a manufacturer suddenly informs you that your product is defective, file your lawsuit as soon as possible. The manufacturer may deliberately do this to shorten your time limit for filing your case. Ask your lawyer whether your product is subject to any secondary time limits.

What if the manufacturer includes a provision in the sales contract that buyers shall not sue them even when a product defect causes personal injury Utah locals like you experience? The contract is considered void, and you can still sue.

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