Education Qualifications You’ll Need to Become an Esteemed Utah Criminal Attorney

If you want to build a career in the field of law as a criminal attorney, you’re probably the type of person who strives for success with enough determination to go through long hours of studying and taking difficult exams. However, the path towards becoming a criminal attorney is not easy. You need to devote several years of your life to acquiring the necessary education, training, and experience.

Develop and Maintain Good Study Habits

To have a good chance of becoming a Utah criminal attorney, it’s a must to have good study habits. You will take a lot of major exams throughout your journey towards a legal career. Since good study habits are generally reflected by good grades, educational performance is an important criterion that law schools check in deciding to admit you.

Enroll in an Undergraduate Pre-Law Degree

Although most four-year bachelor’s degree programs are acceptable as prerequisite to an application to law school, a program related to your chosen career path, such as a degree in criminal justice, is preferable. But if you want a broader learning experience which you can still use as an attorney, you should consider programs in political science, business, or psychology.

Get Admitted in a Law School

There is no Utah criminal defense attorney working for a law firm like Witt & Associates who has never been through law school. After graduating from university, you’ll need to pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The LSAT will test your basic knowledge, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension. Your score in the LSAT greatly affects which law school you can be admitted to, or if you can attend law school at all. Make sure that the school you’re applying to is accredited by the American Bar Association. It takes three years to complete law school.

Apply as an Intern

While studying in law school or preparing for the bar exam, it is advisable for you to gain more experience by applying as a clerk or paralegal in a criminal defense firm. It’s an opportunity to familiarize and immerse yourself in the world of criminal defense law and in the justice system. If you do a fine job and create a good impression, the law firm might even offer you a job upon graduation.

Pass the Bar Exam

The state bar exam could be the make or break moment of every law school student. It’s given twice a year and administered by the state supreme court. After passing the bar exam, you’ll receive a professional license to practice law. However, if you decide criminal law isn’t for you, you can look into other legal options, such as being a Utah auto accident attorney.

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