Four Sets of Questions for a Criminal Attorney Utah Has

Imagine the day you need a criminal attorney Utah offers for your upcoming case. Although you might be assigned an attorney, asking questions can help you tell if the lawyer is a good fit, or if another one is in order. If you are unsure what exactly to ask, here are four sets of questions you can raise to the lawyer you’re talking to.


When you meet a criminal lawyer, it’s important to know what background or experience that person has. Some sample questions to ask are: How long have you been practicing criminal law? What professional organizations or bar associations are you a member of? Do you have any special credentials or a track record handling this specific type of case?

Case Details

Be it a case of drunk driving, harassment, or any other criminal case, the criminal attorney has to be familiar with it and give you realistic expectations. Some things you can ask are: What are the legal options or possible results, and will this lead to trial? What is to be expected during the actual trial, and what problems might occur that need to be addressed?

Case Handling

Case handling or management, as well as auto accident attorney Utah residents trust, refers to how a case’s logistics are managed. Questions to ask are: Are you going to represent me in court, or will you use a local or more specialized attorney? How can you or your colleagues be contacted, and how soon can you respond and provide updates on the case?


Many criminal lawyers charge an hourly rate, while others ask for a flat fee, depending essentially on the complexities of the case. If you’re shopping around for an attorney, here are some questions to pose: Do you charge a flat fee or an hourly rate, and how much? Are any advance payments needed, or does your written agreement indicate what is included and what other expenses need to be paid for?


Assuming you’re not assigned an attorney and you talked to some, it’s a good opportunity to finally retain one. In this instance, you ask yourself these questions: Which attorney has the expertise needed for this situation? Why should this person be chosen rather than the other?
Be it a criminal or even an adoption attorney Utah clients prefer, asking these sets of questions can help you gauge who you think is the right one for the job. Law firms like Witt & Associates are ready to answer whatever questions you have in mind.

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