How a Personal Injury Lawyer Utah Residents Trust Can Stop Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying has become increasingly common in the United States. In fact, a 2007 survey by Zogby International reports that nearly 54 million Americans have been severely bullied at work. Unfortunately, it’s all legal. According to the US Supreme Court, they will not get into the business of enforcing a “civility code” in the workplace. In other words, employees will have to endure all the threats, humiliation, and fear-mongering that come with a toxic environment until they can no longer take it.

Bullying comes in different forms; some are subtle and others are outright conspicuous. Some reported experiences include being consistently blamed for problems at work, scheduling key meetings knowing that the employee has a conflict at that time, being gossiped about at the workplace, among many others. What’s worse about workplace bullying is that it can cause health problems like depression, panic attacks, and even suicides. If you’ve fallen victim to workplace bullying and have suffered physical and/or psychological problems as a result, consult a personal injury attorney Utah residents trust.

Personal injury attorneys can help you determine whether you can file a personal injury claim or not. These lawyers specialize in personal injury—which is a legal term for an injury to the mind, body, or emotions caused by others’ negligence. Personal injury claims are designed to help victims regain monetary losses caused by the injury. Claims also include damages like pain and suffering, long or short term disabilities, and even wrongful death.

A claim’s worth can be determined by simply adding up the money spent and money lost by the victim. As there is no precise way to put a dollar amount on pain, suffering, and missed opportunities, an insurance company may use certain damage formulas.

Corporate bullying can be quite difficult to prove. Although there is no consensus on its definition, many professionals agree that employee treatment can be deemed bullying when it is persistent and prolonged, carried out by one or more assailants against one target; there is conscious behavior to harm the target; and when it starts to affect the target detrimentally and has a devastating influence on his or her emotional well-being. In any case, the personal injury lawyer Utah residents recommend like Atty. Marshall S. Witt of Witt and Associates will ensure that you are properly compensated, or at least ensure the rough treatment finally stops.

Bullying can be very damaging to the victim and should not be taken lightly. If left unmanaged, it can result in decreased employee efficiency and productivity—which is detrimental for both the victim and the company. Get in touch with the right lawyer now and inquire about personal injury Utah laws.

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