Services You Can Expect from a Utah Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury normally happens as a result of negligence, whether willful or unintentional. Negligence can be described as carelessness, the sheer lack of good judgment and reasoning that could have prevented the injury in the first place. While some minor accidents result in minimal injuries, others result in significant pain and suffering such that a person would feel entitled to compensation by filing a Utah personal injury lawsuit.

Most personal injury cases involve some form of physical injury that prevents victims from functioning normally, and a degree of medical treatment becomes necessary. Some injuries are so severe that the person may be left disabled for life following the accident. In any case, the party at fault would have to compensate for all the trouble the injured party had to endure. To illustrate, let’s look at ladder and burn injuries.

Of all the different types of personal injury cases, head injuries are typically considered the most critical. Let’s say a person using a ladder slipped and struck his or her head, thereby requiring emergency cranial surgery. Before the claim for compensation is granted, several factors would have to be considered. For instance, did the injured person neglect to secure the ladder while using it, was someone else assisting, and was the ladder itself in good working condition?

If the person is paralyzed as a result of the ordeal, a Utah personal injury attorney will need to look into the insurance claims of both the injured and liable parties. An insurance company can assist them both and reduce the compensation troubles for either side.

Let’s look at another scenario: a person tripped on a staircase and consequently broke his or her neck or spine. If it was proven that the staircase was defective, then the one responsible for its maintenance – like the property owner or anyone tasked to repair it – could be held liable.

Burn injuries also require compensation depending on the degree and circumstance. For example, if a coffee machine explodes without warning and spews boiling liquid onto the user or people nearby, then the manufacturer will need to pay for whatever medical expenses were incurred. Alternatively, the injured person could file for workers’ compensation if it is established that his or her employer failed to sufficiently carry out a duty care to ensure all equipment are in good repair and for failing to ensure their employees’ safety while at work.

These are just some of the cases a Utah personal injury lawyer can handle. Other cases include road accidents, medical malpractice, and wrongful death, each to a certain degree the result of personal negligence.

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